This Week’s Menu: October 3 – October 9

I found out that for the next two weeks, we need to be completely off dairy.  So, we’re planning our menus accordingly–NO DAIRY.  Which means no butter.  Which means I’m sad.

I think we’ll make it.

Sunday Hot Kielbasa and Potato Salad
Garden Salad with Non-Creamy Italian Dressing
Canned Peaches
Monday Lazy Night – Spaghetti & Meatballs
Garden Salad
Canned Corn
Tuesday Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
Warm Rye Molasses Bread (serve with honey instead of butter)
Wednesday Lazy Night – Fish sticks & tater tots
Thursday Asian Grilled Chicken Salad
For the Kids:  Chicken Nuggets, Apple Slices, Carrot Sticks
Saturday Oven-Fried Pork Chops
Garden Salad
Rice Pilaf (use oil or vegetable shortening instead of butter)
Treat of the Week Easy Caramel Corn
Hubby’s Lunches Deviled Egg Salad Sandwiches

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Menu: October 3 – October 9

  1. Oh no diary is no fun! I panic when the milk drops below a half gallon and if there’s less than two sticks of butter, that’s a true crisis.

    Do you plan lunches as well, or do you do leftovers from the previous night’s dinner? I’m getting kind of sick of grilled cheese variations for lunch, but I’m struggling with finding healthy, easy options. I’m feeding myself and two toddlers, and sometimes a husband.

    • Beth, I’m TOTALLY with you on that. I also go into mini-panic mode when the milk and butter supplies get low, so it was quite, erm, interesting when we suddenly have to just…not eat it even though it’s there. But it’s been a few days and so far we’ve been okay – we’ll see if we’re singing a different tune once a few more days pass.

      For lunches, I do sometimes plan them in advance, but the easiest thing that I’ve recently discovered is wraps–they’re just as simple as sandwiches, but I like the texture better than that of sandwiches. They’re infinitely variable, they’re lower in carbs than sandwiches, and you can put more in them without the worry of things falling out. It makes it really easy to jazz up leftovers too–I’ll do a post about it for you if you like 🙂 (I only say that because I just started typing it out and it’s really long!) The short version is this: lay down a whole grain wrap/tortilla, spread it with your favorite spread, add a layer of lettuce, then top it with some meat/protein cut into little pieces, your favorite cheese, veggies/fruit and your favorite salad dressing, roll it up, cut it on the diagonal, and boom. LUNCH. My toddler will eat everything separately, especially the fruit and cheese, so that makes making the meal for everybody that much simpler.

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