The Easy Way to Sort Laundry

Front-loading washing machine

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Let me start by saying:

I loathe laundry.

I’ve never had luck with those hanging-laundry-sorter things like this one, because the mouths of the separate laundry sections are not big enough to allow for someone with poor aim just lobbing the clothes in from across the room.  Nor do I like to have one basket in everybody’s room and then spend an extra hour every week sorting everything out.  So, I’ve devised a middle ground:

we have the full-sized laundry baskets lined up in our hallway, and just auto-sort as the week goes on.

If company is coming (and we care about the hallway being clear) or for some other reason the baskets need to move, then we just move them into one of the rooms and close the door, and hey presto, they’re gone.  We don’t have a laundry room as such, otherwise they’d just live in there.

I like this because the clothes all congregate in the same place, and when one basket is full, I just wash and fold it, then stick the basket back.  It gets rid of the piles of clothes in bedrooms, and gets rid of the need to gather laundry at the end of the week.  It also allows for water saving, an easier time on the washing machine system (we’re on a septic system, read more here, question 2) and makes it so I don’t have to do ALL the laundry at once.  If I’m keeping up with it.  If I let it go, then I do have to do multiple loads at once, but that’s not the system’s fault.

Anyway, if you’re like me and HATE doing laundry, this is great.  I’ll often just have my husband stick a load in before leaving for work, then I can grab it when I’m ready during the day and it’s done by the end of the day.  Easy peasy.

Have a super-cool idea for making housework easier?  Leave a comment and share it!

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