Potty-Training Sticker Chart

So, my little three-year-old announced to me this week that he wants to wear underpants.

Here goes Potty-Training: Round Two.

I decided to copy my friend’s potty-training technique, because her approach seemed to work much more effectively than my initial attempts, so credit for this really goes to her.  The first time around, I decided to do everything I could to make everything Cars-themed, since my boy loves Cars, and pretty much, if it has Lightning McQueen on it, he won’t say no.  Luckily this time around, he still loves Cars so that part was already taken care of.  I re-started by unearthing the animated-character-adorned undies from the back of his closet, and got him excited about putting them on.  We had a great (if mostly unsuccessful) time trying to get him to turn around and see Lightning on his tush… I felt bad making him chase his tail in circles, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Next we printed up a sticker chart:

Okay, so there are no Lightning McQueens on it.

Every time he tries to go potty (ie every time he goes through all the motions, with or without any actual, uh, deposits) he gets a sticker, which goes in the box labeled “Put sticker here.”  Then, when he fills up a row, he gets a fruit snack.  Not a whole package, just one.  And yes, those are Cars-themed too.

If he succeeds and makes pee-pee, he gets a sticker AND a fruit snack, regardless of whether the row is filled up.  If he makes poops in the potty, then he gets a piece of lemon cake (his favorite, and mine too).

So far, so good.  As it stands we’re on Day 2, and the scores are:  Us 2, Potty 2.

Worry not, fans.  Victory will yet be ours.

To download the customizable version of the sticker chart, click here.  It’s free!

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