New Discovery: Closet Office (or “Cloffice”)

Have any of you ever wished you could have a creative space that was just yours, but just don’t have the space for it?

Well, apparently, if you have a closet, you DO have the space.  See?

Oh.  SO jealous.  Want.  Major want.  I saw this on the amazing Jen’s blog, IHeart Organizing back in August, and I’ve been jonesing for one of my own ever since.

So, I’ve been inspired to try and figure out how to get myself one of these, without breaking the bank.  Right now, it’s only in the realm of “wouldn’t it be nice someday” since we have next to no available funds (you’ll remember the post about starting couponing) but that certainly does *not* mean that I can’t start dreaming/planning for it, right?  Right.

So, I’ve started musing on what I’d want to put in there, and here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Dream desk: Micke Desk in white from Ikea $79.99.  I love that it’s clean and white, has a hole in the back for cord containment and concealment, and a drawer and side cabinet for discreet storage.
  2. Lack Wall Shelf in white from Ikea, $19.99.  Perfect to go right above the desk for ornaments, storage or both.
  3. Recharge Station by Organize It All, $44.98.  This I thought looked awesome, but is way up there in terms of the price/functionality ratio.  But since I’m going just with what inspires me and not making an actual shopping list, I can put it on here without any guilt. [teehee]
  4. Knubbig Table Lamp with cherry blossoms in frosted white from Ikea, $19.99.  Functional and beautiful.  I like a little mood lighting when I’m working, and if I could find something like this that accepted a tealight, I’d totally take it.
  5. Asker Container in white from Ikea, $5.99 each.  Love that they can hang from a rack, which means that I can have things handy without having them be in my way or taking up space on a shelf or on the desktop.  SO awesome.  Plus they’re a groovy shape.
  6. Brocade Desktop File from the Container Store, $19.99.  SO gorgeous, so functional, and it’s far less likely to get overfull or have stuff stacked so high on top of it that it breaks.  Like the one I have right now.
  7. Ronas Tealight Holder in white from Ikea, $2.49 each.  I like the little vases and tealight holders for small-item containment.  Way cuter and better organized than just a big plastic bin with a broken handle with all things office-related jammed in.  Like I’ve got right now.
  8. Gemenskap Wall Sconce from Ikea, $14.99.  So, I’m not totally sure that I’d actually use this in my workspace, but I like that it’s reflective, has a spot for a candle, and is just… cool-looking.  It inspires me.
  9. Lantstalle Plant Pot set in assorted colors from Ikea, $4.99 each.  More of the little vases/planters for small item containment.  I like these ones because they’re still small and cute, but have a great splash of color that are even in keeping with my blog’s theme colors.  Love that!
  10. Rektangel Vase from Ikea, $2.49 each.  More little vases/planters, but this one is cool because of its shape, and the fact that I can see what’s inside.  Same might work with a Ball jar or similar, but only if I’m not planning on reaching in for something every day.  I like having things ready to hand if I can, and a canning jar just involves too much twisting and unscrewing for my immediate-gratification needs.
  11. Scroll Wall Mount Letter Holder from Target, $20.99.  A quick spritz with some white spray paint to keep it in the white theme, and hey presto, some pretty wall storage to keep planners, binders, etc ready to hand but out of the way.
  12. Pomp Lantern for block candle from Ikea, $12.99.  It’s nice and tall to accommodate flowers, crayons, markers or pens, or even a candle.  Whatever strikes my fancy.
  13. Kassett Magazine Box with lid from Ikea, $9.99 for 2pk.  There are also flat ones for paper storage.  They have handles, come in multiple sizes for multiple needs but are still matchy-matchy, are sparkley white, and have convenient spots for labeling/easy identification.

Admittedly a lot of them are what Jen used in her closet, or are at least “inspired” [read: shamelessly ripped off] by her blog, but they’re just so darn cute, how could I NOT want to copy her?  Plus, I can claim that I’m not that creative on my own (at least, not yet) so copying somebody else is a good place to start.

Anybody ever do anything like this?  Any favorite desk/office items that are beautiful as well as functional?  I’m in need of some good brain-picking, so let me know!

10 thoughts on “New Discovery: Closet Office (or “Cloffice”)

  1. When I was first in the Air Force this would have been incredibly handy, I did the opposite, they gave me one room with a closet, so I set up the worlds most amazing office, and kept most of the bed in the closet. This is a better way! Except now I use the closets for clothes… (perhaps there is a reason to buy a wardrobe now days.

    • Haha, I would never have thought of that! Putting the bed in the closet to make room for the office. Yes, I’ve been running into the “clothes in the closet” issue too. I was going to include a picture of the closet in question, which currently has two stacks of two three-drawer bins taking up all the space (plus clothes hanging on both sides of it… Yes, I’m a bit of a clothes hoarder.)

      We have a wardrobe that we put in the kids’ room (mostly because it would never have fit in any of our other rooms…) but it acts as an extension of the hall closet since most of our hall closet is devoted mostly to food storage… I never realized that until just this moment, actually. Perhaps it’s time for some rearranging that way!

  2. You made a mood board thing! I keep thinking I should do that one day. 😛 It’d be a handy thing to do.

    I have also been LOVING those hanging Ikea containers ever since Jen posted about them. Actually, I’ve been liking hanging anything but those was are quite pretty.

    The very first change I am going to make to the sticky rice is decrease the amount of sugar. By at least half! It was soooo sweet.

  3. I just had to say more because I was thinking of this all day (that’s what you like to hear, right?? Haha).

    I crush on floating shelves. When I decided to dedicate some time and money to my office/craft space, I will be having them for sure. But, I’ll probably price it and see if I can DIY Ana’s way (at the time her post was written, the Ikea shelves were about $10 more than what your post shows).

    Desk: I kinda like Ana’s parson’s desk but this one is similar to the one you’re looking at. She estimates it to be less than $50 to build.

    The other thing I thought about was your lamp. I love mood lighting too and need to think about how I want to include that in my space.

    • Yes, the mood lighting is something that’s easy to overlook, or just let go completely. Glad I inspired you there! (And yes, I *do* love to hear that you’ve been thinking about one of my posts all day. *giggle*) Also, I *love* both those links! I’m definitely going to be following both those blogs now, thanks for sharing and inspiring me! As far as doing it, I haven’t been brave enough to try building anything myself yet, mostly because I’m nearly convinced I’ll do something horrible to myself or the house once I get power tools in my hands. BUT. Sounds like there might be a DIY project in my future! Thanks! 😀

    • Thanks so much! I liked them too, especially when set against all that white 🙂 I’m still not sure how/where I’m going to stick one, but I’m very certain that I want my own closet workspace now.

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