Operation Family Binder: Phase One Complete

I’ve been seeing a lot of permutations of family/homemaking/household binders out there, and I finally decided that it’s high time I make one for myself.

I’m going to try and design one new page for the binder per week.  I might end up only doing a few and figure out a way to hang them all on a wall where I can easily and readily see them, since I tend to do well with things that are readily visible/require little to no page-flipping; I haven’t decided yet.  But my hope is that I’ll figure out a way to get myself [and subsequently my house] under better control, and that my everyday life will go more smoothly [and look way cuter] as a result.

And what’s more important for starting a family binder than making sure it has a spiffy [or at least moderately interesting] custom cover?  Nothing, that’s what.  [If you’re thinking that the best first step is to brainstorm what to do with a family binder, or what to put in it… you’re probably right.  But this was way faster and required a lot less planning.]

So, behold the extent of my page design skills:

In case you’re wondering what’s up with the strange quote at the bottom, I tried to think of what our family motto would be, and that’s what I say most often so that’s what went on there.  Plus it will make me smile a little to myself every time I see it 🙂

Do any of you have family binders?  What do you look for in a family binder?  How do you keep yourselves and your households together and organized?  Do you have planners that serve as family binders?  Or do you prefer to keep them separate?  I used to keep everything in my phone, but three phones later, I’m thinking I need a new system!  I can’t wait to see where this binder adventure takes me – wish me luck!

PS.  For people who ask nicely, I’m happy to do a custom one for your family – just email me at thisdisorganizedlife@gmail.com, then I’ll sub in your name, photo and quote and shoot it back to you!

2 thoughts on “Operation Family Binder: Phase One Complete

  1. I STARTED a family binder. It is not set up completely and I never finished it because what I did have in it just wasn’t working for me. I still want it to work though so I’ll be trying again. Sometime. Ha! I think it’s just that I tried to use other peoples sheets and that’s not really my thing… I take ideas and then make them mine. I just haven’t made the binder mine yet.

    I do love my planner though. You’re gonna laugh at this… I got the Life Planner that Jen @ IHeart Organizing has! I thought about it for several months before taking the plunge (so much money!) and I love it.

  2. I totally am not laughing! I’m an agonizing purchaser too, and I have horrible buyer’s guilt. Even grocery shopping is painful. 😛 I’m not sure how well the family binder is going to stack up to a planner like that… I’m thinking of morphing the binder into a custom planner like the Life Planner, only with elements from the Totally Organized planner and the GlowBaby family menu planner, so I only have one book to cart around and manage rather than three. I like the menu planner element, and the daily and weekly checklists in the Totally Organized planner… we’ll see what happens.

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