Brainstorming: eBook Ideas

I’ve been seized by a desire to produce an ebook.

So, recently I was seized by a desire to produce a free ebook, and I’m brainstorming ideas for potential titles/topics, and this is where I need a little feedback from you, my readers!  (Both of you.)

Using the form below, check every title that appeals to you, that you would download and read if you could get it for free, or in exchange for, say, your email address or a comment:

If there’s a topic that I didn’t include, feel free to leave write-in suggestions in a comment below, or email me at  What would you like to read about?  For free?  What printables would be helpful to you?  What questions have you always wanted to ask? Always wanted answered?  Doesn’t have to be just homemaking topics either – ask away!


One thought on “Brainstorming: eBook Ideas

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