Brainstorming: “Grab” List

Last year I discovered the “7-Day Challenge” on, and even though I didn’t go through all the motions for real (I know!  For shame.  Call me crazy but Irene was enough for me this year) I did do the mental runthrough and this year the one that got my wheels turning more than anything else was the challenge for day 3, which was as follows:

FSME Day 3 ChallengeAdmittedly I thought that this one would be pretty easy, and maybe I’m just over-complicating things for myself for for some reason it has me more or less stumped. What would I take with me, especially if I knew that my home would not be there when I got back?  Would I want to assume that some kind of aid would be available after a certain number of days, or am I assuming that there will be no help coming for months, and I’m supposed to plan and be prepared for living off the land indefinitely?

Either way, it’s something that I felt I should at least start to do.  So here’s what I thought of off the top of my head:

After reviewing the list, I think a few things need clarifying:

  1. Dale, my husband, is an animator, and almost all the work he does involves a computer, so being the poor people that we are, and the amount that we rely on the computer for income, that puppy is coming with us if we can wing it at all.  It’s worth about as much as our car anyway 😛  Hence the inclusion of such things on the list as “screens” and “dvd box.”
  2. The dvd box is one of these little beauties that will hold all of Dale’s software, backups and other data for his computer, valued at *least* at $5000.  Yep, that one’s coming with us too.
  3. The “safe with important documents” is something that I have ready to go right by our door (out of sight and out of the way of course), and it contains all of, well, our important documents, like our life insurance policies, social security cards, birth and marriage certificates, passports, emergency cash, etc.  It’s also fireproof, watertight and buoyant.  Just in case.
  4. Also included in the safe is a little notebook in which I keep all of our important account numbers, passwords and other account-related information.  Very handy to have, especially in an emergency.

I’m sure there are things that I forgot that I should add, and for that reason I haven’t turned it into a printable yet.  What would you put on your grab list?  What would you not want to be left without if you couldn’t go back for it?  Not an especially fun thing to talk about, but it certainly bears talking about, right?

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