A Shark Story

No, this one doesn’t take place underwater.  That was “Shark Tale”.  I’m talking about a Shark vacuum.  This one, actually:

This is my Shark.  And I love it.  See?

When I look at my Shark, I see clean carpet.  But I recently discovered that my poor little one-year-old does not see it the same way.  She sees this:

Dun dun dun. Or... buuuuuuhdoom. Buuuuuuhdoom.

Evidently she does not think it’s super awesome that the giant sucking machine is twice as tall as she is, and that it can scream louder than she can.  This is the face she makes when she sees/hears it coming:

Poor thing.  Luckily, with a little consoling and a good squeeze on the teddy bear, all is made better once the vacuuming is done:

Hopefully she’ll make peace with the Shark one of these days… either way, I’m happy to have clean carpets.

5 thoughts on “A Shark Story

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  2. All of mine were scared of the Vacuum, but not as much as my oldest one … till he was about four years old. Now I can make him do most of the vacuuming. I think i most cases they grow out of it once they are taller than the vacuum.

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