Operation Family Binder: Cleaning Schedule

UPDATE: New Version Here


Apparently it’s a rookie home-making mistake to go through life sans custom cleaning schedule.  And that’s exactly how I’ve been living.

Until now!

Say hello to my new little friend, the cleaning schedule!

I started by just brainstorming all the jobs that need doing.  Then, when I couldn’t think of any more, I put a “D” next to the ones that need doing daily, a “W” next to the ones to do weekly, and an “M” next to the ones to do monthly.  Then I rewrote the list in three columns, and labeled them “Daily,” “Weekly” and “Monthly.”  (The “Monthly” list is a whole other post though since I’m pretty sure I accidentally left out most of the things that actually need to be done.)

Here’s what I ended up with:

Then I just stuck it into a pretty Excel spreadsheet, put a border on it and printed it out:

Tomorrow, when it’s light out, I shall laminate it and stick it on my fridge.  And each day, when I’ve completed each task, I shall take great pleasure in marking off each item with a dry-erase marker.  Because fewer things give me greater pleasure than marking off things on a list!

Does anybody else have something like this that they use?  What does your cleaning schedule look like?  (I mean that both literally and what’s on it.)  Any tips for keeping your house clean with as little effort as possible?

14 thoughts on “Operation Family Binder: Cleaning Schedule

  1. I just redid my cleaning schedule and now I’m in the process of an overhaul again but this one will take me just a little bit longer because of other changes I am going to be making.

    The one thing I’m working at is to never put something down unless I am putting it away. Or else I’m just creating clutter. My craft table tells a whole different story but my kitchen is looking good! As I get better at this, I find that I actually clean less because it’s more of something that I do constantly throughout the day instead of all in one shot. Makes for a happier mommy/daughter relationship.

    • Yeah, I’m working on that too. A big part of that has been something similar – not putting things down unless I’m putting them away. What is helping a lot is that I’m creating homes for things to land in so that I can get the kids and lovely hubs to help too. If there’s a clearly labeled, readily accessible home for something, they’ll do it. But if any more effort is required than turning around to drop it in the box instead of on the table or floor, it’s game over. So far so good though 🙂

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  12. Just found your blog-love it! I have struggled for years with cleaning schedules/family organization. I created similar lists (finally) and I find Flylady very helpful. I started my etsy shop about a year ago (it is in need of updating – I need a list for that too!) life seasoning.

    • I’m so glad that you found your way here! I’ve tried FlyLady and at the time I did, my living situation was, eh, wonky to say the least, so I didn’t find it super helpful. I’ve since changed my living arrangement since then though, so I should probably try it again – thanks for the inspiration! Do you have a link to your etsy shop I can follow? I’d love to see it!

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