Update: New (and Improved) Daily Cleaning Schedule


Yep, I know it didn’t take very long, but after printing and trying to use the last version [and getting some input from a friend] I’ve found that a daily version of the schedule would be far preferable to the previous version, because now you only have to wipe it once a week!

Yep, way better than the last one, huh?  I think so anyway.

What do you think?  Does the daily version look more functional?  The real question is: will it help you keep your house cleaner better?  What else should go on there, in terms of daily and weekly chores that need doing?  I’m always so convinced that I forgot something important, that’s why I need you to help keep me on top of things!

PS: If you would like a custom one done for your family, I’m happy to do one for free, just email me at thisdisorganizedlife@gmail.com and I whip one out for you!

5 thoughts on “Update: New (and Improved) Daily Cleaning Schedule

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