A Desk for Diana: A Little Dream Come True

If you remember this post from a while ago, you’ll know that I’ve been jonesing for my own desk/office/workspace for a while now.  Being on a micro-mini budget, I couldn’t bring myself to cough up the 80-someodd bucks to get that adorable desk from Ikea, so I’ve been watching Freecycle and Craigslist vigilantly for a good freebie to rescue.  And to my great surprise and pleasure, my sweet husband found one for me, courtesy of the Curbside Boutique!  YAY!  (And yes, the Curbside Boutique is a euphemism for… the side of the road.)

I found myself thinking of it as “a magical workspace from a beautiful place where dreams come true.”  Of course, I was really tired at the time, so I’ll just chalk that up to a happy, sleep-deprived delirium.  Anyway.

Now, I can finally say goodbye to this… thing:

And say hello to this beauty:

Sure, it looks like what my sixth-grade teacher had, and we had to take the door off its hinges to get it into the apartment, and now I’ve got a mountain of stuff and a shoe-containment unit to relocate and assign/create new homes for, and it took three hours of serious living-room-tetris-ing in the dead of night to get it in, but STILL.  I have my very own 12-1/2-square-foot workspace!  *And* we were able to put it in the front room so I can be near the kids and not squirrelled away in my bedroom.  Plus, the darn thing is made of stainless steel so it will survive the abuse that is belonging to me.

Add a comfy office chair, and VOILA.

Thanks, sweetie!

Apparently that’s how he says “You’re welcome.”  Oh well, I’ll take it.

What do you think?  What should the first project completed on its surface be?  The real question:  how to keep its surface from becoming a clutter mecca?  Sounds like some organizing projects are coming my way.  Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “A Desk for Diana: A Little Dream Come True

  1. I love the desk! I’m not sure how I’d paint it and change it up, but I’m excited to see what you do with it next. I’ve long wanted a new desk for my humble computer, but I want something that fits into the corner and has tons of cabinet space for organizing… and shuffling away papers I don’t want to look at until it’s too late.

    • I won’t lie, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the desk either… especially once I figured out that the whole darn thing is welded together at every possible spot. So, updating it is probably going to get stuck on the back burner to simmer for a while. Let it think about what it’s done, you know?

      As far as getting you a desk, do you have one already and just want an upgrade? Or do you need one but don’t have the space in your budget? Either way, you can always get one for free on craigslist or freecycle and “upcycle” it with some fresh paint and just stick a small storage unit on top, depending on how deep each one is. I’ll search around and see if I can find a DIY how-to on that. Mostly because I have a couple projects that would involve the same sort of… reckless spraying and whacking of wood. (Can you tell how I feel about DIY-ing?)

  2. Painters tape is a great invention for things you can’t take apart to paint. Although, I actually kinda like the look of it right now. Although… I also won’t lie. I tend to paint wood things.

    Best way to keep the surface free from clutter is to create homes for everything. How you do that is entirely up to you, my dear!

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