6 Craft Projects for Non-Crafty People

I don’t think I’m especially crafty, yet for some reason I follow a lot of crafty blogs.  Don’t ask why, I just do.  So this week, I found several posts with very simple crafts that gave me confidence that even I, Diana the Un-Crafty, could attempt and even achieve some level of success on the first go.  So, in no particular order:

1. Sisal Rope Bowl as seen on Centsational Girl

So awesome-looking right?  And the hardest part is covering the handles.  And maybe finding the sisal rope (whatever that is).  But all it is is hot glue and rope and an ugly metal bowl!

2. Pretty Little Hankies as seen on Skip to My Lou but created by Sew a Straight Line (how’s that for an idea genealogy tree?)

These little beauties are so adorable!  And reusable too.  The hardest part with this will be threading the machine.  We go through so many tissues around here, I think these are a definite must for honing my budding crafting skills.

3.  Fortune-Teller Pendant Light as seen on the 3-r’s blog

I was a girl in third, fourth AND fifth grade, so I’m a pro at fortune-teller folding.  I don’t think there’s even any gluing involved… but even if there is, the hardest part will be just fitting them on there.  No professional training required.

4.  A Frameful of Flowers by Sew Much Ado

Same idea as above, just a frame, fake flowers and hot glue!  And SO gorgeous.  My house could definitely do with having one of those in it.

5.  Soho Maxi Dress (also) by Sew Much Ado

Yeah, this one definitely falls at the outer edge of my crafty ability field, but still within its official boundaries, so I’m itching to give it a try!  Just gotta wait for the right fabric to go on sale so I can afford it!

6.  Fall Makeover for a Thrift Store Purse by Pretty Handy Girl

Yet another project that requires nothing more than fabric, a glue gun, and something to which to glue the fabric.  Such a great way to use up scraps, and completely adorable besides!  My kind of project!

So there you have it, easy peasy projects for the crafting-challenged.  Have any of you ever done anything like this?  Any experiences with other super-duper easy and inexpensive projects that were hugely successful?  Or not so, but hugely amusing to tell about?

PS.  To all of those awesome bloggers/crafters who made it into this post, come grab my “Featured on TDL” button!

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