Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce

Yesterday marks my first attempt at making homemade applesauce,* and it went WAY easier than I anticipated.  I didn’t even (really) use a recipe!



That’s it.


  1. Core the apples.
  2. Peel the apples.
  3. Quarter the apples.
  4. Eat random bits here and there.
  5. Dump all the apple pieces into a large heavy pot.
  6. Put two fingers of water in the bottom.
  7. Cover and boil for 15-20 minutes.
  8. Stir them up, when they fall completely apart they’re ready.
  9. Add some cinnamon and stir again.
    [Secret last step:  add a little sugar if the sauce is too bland.]
  10. EAT IT!!  Or can it.  Or freeze it.  Or give it away as gifts.

That’s it.

So easy right?  Right.  And here I thought I could never be *that* domestic!  The best part is that my kids knew what it was even before it was done, and they were positively clamoring to get their hands on it.  I kept having to say, “It’s too hot to eat, we have to wait for it to cool down.  It’s too hot…”  Boy were they happy when I finally let them at it!

What fall projects/recipes/traditions do you do with your family?  Especially ones involving cinnamon?  I’m foreseeing hot cider and pie experiments in my near future… MmMmMmMm.  ❤ Fall. ❤

*Note: It was also my first go at food photography… didn’t go half bad if I say so myself!  And I do.

4 thoughts on “Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce

  1. The other day I thought of doing something like this as I blended up a couple of bananas and a couple of apples for my morning shake. I thought “Oh look, banana apple sauce!” then I threw in an orange and thought “Hey look, banana orange apple sauce!” I didn’t steam or cook the apples at all though, but the texture was right. Then I ruined it by putting in vegetables.

    My BIG fall project is going to be going pumpkin shopping with children, then pumpkin carving with children. I am ashamed to admit it, but that’s the only real autumn stuff I do… for right now.

    (Excellent job at food photography btw, I’ve seen still life photographs less good.)

    • Haha, I hate when the “too much veggies” thing happens. It’s one thing to add fruit to a salad or something, in which case there can never be too much of it. But it’s easy to add too much veggie-ness to something that’s supposed to be all fruit.

      No shame in shopping for/carving pumpkins! That’s quite the ambitious endeavor, in my opinion. We don’t do much seasonal stuff around here either, mostly because I’m overwhelmed by just the everyday stuff all the time 😛 Thinking off adding extra things on top of that is just… [insert stressed face here] 😛

    • Yes, I did take the picture outside! But it was like 5pm so it needed a little Photoshop brightening so it didn’t look like a blob of darkness.

      I’ve never tried lime juice/peel, how do you know what is too much/just right?

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