Vlog: Book Review – Organizing for the Creative Person

I never thought that my second vlog entry would be a book review since that’s not my normal (not that I know what my normal is to begin with, but never mind that).  But it was the only thing I’ve been thinking about all week, so it’s what you get this time – my musings on a book about organizing.

Like I said, I was really hoping to like the book.  Perhaps somebody else will benefit from it, and if you want to read it, you can get it here or here or here.

What organizing books have you read that helped you?  Are there particular authors that every homemaker should read?  I’m ready to move on to the next one, so I’d love some suggestions!

8 thoughts on “Vlog: Book Review – Organizing for the Creative Person

  1. This book totally hits me where my brain has been. It’s too bad the Author took such a messed up look at the subject!

    I totally squeeze my toothpaste from the end, not the middle… I’m ‘creative’ not … (another word for stupid that’s polite to people who squeeze from the middle)

    I think … it’s not an organization book, but I just finished “How to make friends and influence people.” totally great read for parents. Next I think I’ll pick up 7 habits for highly effective people. Maybe that’s more likely to cover what I need to do to get things done.

    Again, I totally love your Vlogging, you seem so natural at it too! Another thing I picked up recently is a hypnotic audio book about getting stuff done… it basically tells your subconscious “you want to get things done” which is probably more effective than that book.

    • You’re probably right, I’ve never really tried hypnotism but I think it’s largely because I have little confidence that it will work 😛 What’s been most effective for me lately is those completely-ugly-but-functional black and white dishpans you see on the bookcase behind me. Each one is labeled and serves as a landing place for given category/type of item (mostly toys) and so far it’s a VAST improvement on not having any bins for anything. But, they’re ugly as sin so I’m cooking up ways to make it prettier without losing any of the functionality.

      Also what’s helped is not letting myself get overwhelmed by the behemoth project that is getting my house in order, so I’ve been teaching myself how to not guilt myself for not having it all done at once, and celebrate my little successes and let one step at a time be enough for one day. WAY harder than it sounds, for those who have never tried that.

      I absolutely loved “How to Win Friends and Influence People”! He did another one that was equally wonderful called “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.” I read it while I was in college after one particularly bad stress meltdown… made a world of difference for me, even though I’m still a huge worrier.

  2. BWAHAHAHA, I’m an oppressor!!! Death to all right-brained people!! Err, I maybe am getting carried away.

    We should make it a mutual life goal to live close to each other. We can choose someplace awesome like Switzerland or Spain.

    I was totally thinking “oh, those are cool cubbies behind her. They need some help to be pretty + functional. And then you totally pointed them out!

    I haven’t read that book and am not likely to now with your review. Actually, I haven’t read very many organization type books at all and it’s been a while so I don’t even remember what any of them are. I know the basics and from there, I intake a ton of ideas that I see in public places, in magazines, in blogs, in friends homes and make something that works for me. Sometimes it takes a while to come up with a solution to a problem. Sometimes I fix an area one very minor thing at a time. It all adds up. The little things count.

    • You are so right! The little things DO count! I don’t know if you ever have this problem , but it’s easy to forget that sometimes. So I’ve been trying to devise a visual indicator for the progress I’m making, to give myself encouragement and remind myself when I’m getting down or discouraged that I AM doing good stuff! Ooh, that sounds like a good post for today!

      And as far as where we should live, my vote is for Lake Como.

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