When Good Enoug Is Good Enoug.

No, that’s not a typo.

Today I [re]learned a little lesson about letting things be good enough.  I was working to get yesterday’s vlog post ready, and I was deeply unhappy with some of the raw footage I’d shot.  So, the overachiever part of me started clamoring for me to reshoot it, and the rest of me was like, “No, it’s just fine.  It’ll be just fine, just leave it.”

I voiced my concerns to my good friend Angela from Meet the Thomsons and Hubalou’s Kitchen, with whom I frequently enjoy Facebook chats, and when I was done spewing, she responded:

“It’s good enoug.”

Of course, I knew what she meant, and at the time it was just a typo, but instead of just laughing and moving on, I had a [rare] moment of insight – just as leaving off the “h” was not so egregious an error so as to render her response meaningless, so too was my lighting problem excusable.  Even though it was not completely perfect, it was still “good enoug.”

So my message to you today is this:

Sometimes good enoug is good enoug.

Anybody ever have a moment of insight like that, where you learned something useful and slightly amusing that helped you get through the rest of your day?  Did it stick with you for very long afterward?  Did it make a difference in the way you live your life, or did it lose its meaning after sharing it with someone else?  I love those little tidbits, I try my best to remember them as much as I can!

6 thoughts on “When Good Enoug Is Good Enoug.

  1. Usually sharing something with someone makes that something more meaningful and more memorable.

    I can’t particularly think of a moment of insight like that at this time. My brain is a little fried. Most insights lately seem to be “oh hey… you respond better when I talk like that” or “oh hey… that’s a new skill”. Oh! But I am constantly reminding myself that slow is good too. I don’t have to do everything and what I do, I don’t have to do right now. My house can become what I want over time. That’s perfectly okay.

    • So true. My mom always says, “Something is more than nothing.” So there are lots of days when I have to remind myself that I did *something* which is a big step up from nothing, and I have to let that be “enoug.”

      I wonder if that’s going to become a “thing” on the blog. I can’t decide if I like it or not… 😛

  2. I approached this post with the thought that it was a misspelling. I’m glad you put the disclaimer at the top. I got the point and it made my day. Sometimes things are good enoug. My latest realization was the other day when standing outside the school waiting for the children, someone was talking to me, and I realized I interrupted something boring she was saying. I’m going to pay attention and try to let people talk out their boring from now on.

    • I totally do that too! I try really hard to give people my full attention when talking to them, but since I’m about as tactful as a bulldozer, it only goes well if I can convince myself that I’m interested in what they’re saying, which is sometimes REALLY hard. Dale’s really good at that, letting people talk out they’re boring. Which is nice for me, since I can talk forever about nothing and never run out of things to say. Like now. (Teehee) But yeah, the world needs more people like you to let us talkers talk at. What it also needs is some polite way to say, “Hey, I know you’re really interested in what you’re saying, but I’m not. So, can you either go away or talk about something else?” See, tactful like a bulldozer.

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