Visual Success Indicator

Sounds fancy, huh?

Remember the other day when I said I needed something visual to help me keep track of how much I actually am accomplishing every day?

Well, I put on my “Inventor” hat and devised an ingenious little, uh, device for measuring my daily success level.  It’s VERY clever.  Ready?

I started with a jar and some mini-marshmallows.  I opened the jar and for every individual thing I accomplished during the day, I put in a marshmallow.  When the jar is full, I will take out the marshmallows and make rice krispies treats.  And then I will eat them, and literally enjoy the, uh, fruit of my labors.

Pretty clever huh?  Okay, so it’s really not that clever.  But it works for me.

Look how much stuff I did today!

For me, that’s a LOT.  Remember, every mini-marshmallow indicates something that I did.  There are [counts on fingers] 24 marshmallows in there, so that means I did 24 somethings today!  GO ME.

At that rate, I should have enough for rice krispies treats in [counts on fingers again] a lot of days.  I don’t really know how many, but hopefully you get the idea.  I think I can wait that long… maybe.

Hmm.  I think I’ll make some cinnamon biscuits to tide me over.

Do any of you have anything like this for yourselves or your kids?  How do you reward yourselves for a job well done?  How do you motivate yourselves to keep doing stuff even when you feel like you’re not getting anything done?

8 thoughts on “Visual Success Indicator

    • Haha, I wondered about that. But I’m giving in to the stubborn part of me that says, “No, I WILL fill that thing up, and I’ll do it in a week!” 😛 We’ll see what actually happens.

  1. I think it’s a very clever idea, I’m impressed by how many marshmallows you were able to put in the jar after just one day, I’m afraid if I did the same it might be a long time before I had rice krispy treats.

    • Haha, it might be a little misleading, I counted things like “I vacuumed!” or “I picked up some toys!” and “I sent that email that I’ve been meaning to send for weeks now!” Still though, that was the point, to remind myself that I AM doing things every day. I was surprised at how many marshmallows I got to give myself. And no, there was no cheating. Though I *was* tempted. I think that most people would be surprised at how many marshmallows they get, especially if they gave themselves credit for everything they do. Which, again, is the point. I hope somebody else tries it, or something similar, so I have something to compare myself to..

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