“Clutter Scarecrow”: Desktop Candle Tray

Remember that desk I got last week?  Well, as I feared, it’s starting to turn into a happy landing spot for all kinds of unwelcome clutter.  Oy.

So begins Operation MakeTheDeskPretty, in an effort to discourage such landings.

But being on a teeny budget, I figured I’d give the ole “rock what you got” a try, and scavenge around my apartment to see what pretty stuff I already had that was not doing any beautifying.  “Luckily,” I had some pretty stuff just sitting around doing nothing.  You might have seen what I did with it in one of yesterday’s pictures:

See it?  I’m pretty happy with it.  Basically it’s a metal candle tray, some polished river pebbles, fabric cherry blossoms and tea lights.  If I were to buy everything for this new, it would cost me less than $10.

And it’s just so pretty!

Functional?  Not by my usual standards, but it’s SO pretty and it keeps that spot on the desk from accumulating other clutter.  So in that sense, it’s VERY functional.  A clutter scarecrow, if you will.

Lots of times I just want to say, “Flowers, earn your keep.”  Well, when strategically placed, this is a great way for them to do that.  What do you guys use as clutter scarecrows?  Does pretty-ness matter, or does it have to do more than that for you to consider it functional/worth the space it occupies?

4 thoughts on ““Clutter Scarecrow”: Desktop Candle Tray

    • Yeah, those books are not especially effective at scaring clutter away, at least as they currently stand. Or sit. Or whatever textbooks do when they’re not being read. We should do something about that. Thanks for the compliment though, I’m sure we’ll find something pretty to do with them. Hopefully something that doesn’t detract from their functionality.

      For those who were wondering, Dale’s my husband. We live together. It’s not weird.

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