Easy, Cheap, Hilarious (and Last-Minute) Halloween Costume Ideas

In my last minute panic to think of an idea for a family Halloween costume, once again I turn to
Google for ideas, and Google came through.

Yeah, it snuck up on me.  Again.  It’s Halloween in [counts on fingers] 12 days, and I’ve given barely any thought to what we as a family are going to do for our costumes this year.  So, Google to the rescue!

My criteria for last-minute costumes are that they need to be:

  • easy to make/assemble
  • inexpensive, or completely free (read: I already have all the stuff)
  • easy to understand/minimal explanation required
  • [optional] funny.

That said, these are the ideas that I found the most amusing:

(Fun guessing game: I’m planning to dress our whole family up in one of these this year.  Based on what you know about me, which one is it?)

  1. A Highway.  Wear a black sweat suit, stick on white or yellow tape on your legs and chest to resemble lines in a road. Attach tiny cars and road signs onto your pants and shirt.
  2. Piggy banks.  Dress all in pink and put a piece of black tape across your forehead.  Oinking when given spare change optional.
  3. Nudist on strike.  Dress normally, and wear a sign that says “Nudist on strike.”
  4. Kissing booth. Find a box big enough to fit over your body. Cut or open the bottom and top of the box so that you can slip into the box. Tie rope onto one end of the box so the ropes can go over your shoulders (this will hold the box on you). Draw lipstick kisses on your clothes and face. On the box write “Kisses, $1.00.”
  5. Self-Portrait. Wear a shirt that is light-colored enough for you to sign your name in the bottom corner. Make a picture frame out of cardboard or wood. When people ask what you are hold up your picture frame. The frame should be big enough so that from waist up you are in the frame and your signature is in the bottom corner like a portrait.
  6. Fried Egg. Wear all white. Attach a piece of yellow felt to your stomach.
  7. Gum under the Table. Make a small cardboard table and wear it on your head. Dress in all pink.
  8. Cloudy with a Chance of Showers. Attach cotton balls to a hat and clothes for clouds. When people ask what you are say “cloudy, with a chance of showers” and squirt them with a squirt gun.
  9. Make yourself into a Warhol painting.  Use a photo-editing program to create your own Warhol-inspired self-portraits.  [Make sure the self-portraits you print out are relatively the same size as your actual face.]  Find foam boards to use as a sturdy but lightweight solution to build the frame box you’re going to be in.  Here’s an example of what a finished product may look like.

Brilliant… perhaps not.  But it works, right?  Or you could just go with B’s idea.

He told me that that was his costume.  When I asked him what he was, he said [very seriously], “A blanket.”  Of course.  How could I not have seen that?

What was your favorite homemade Halloween costume you ever had [assuming you did that sort of thing growing up]?  Do you have a favorite of the ideas listed?  Do you know what you’re going to do this year?  I DO!

7 thoughts on “Easy, Cheap, Hilarious (and Last-Minute) Halloween Costume Ideas

    • I need to figure out a way to make comments on here “likable.” Because I keep trying to like everybody’s comments! Ama, I never noticed that, but you’re totally right. They make his bright eyes look SO blue. And he does have the right idea… that’s what we’re doing today. Because it’s cold. And Caleb… you’re so right. He’s very silly.

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  2. I’m still trying to come up with some costume ideas for work…we’re allowed to dress up for three days…what to do? what to do? I think I may go with your fried egg costume for one of the days…that’s easy…and cheap!! The piggy bank would also be quick and easy…and cheap!! Can you tell I’m into cheap…okay, inexpensive…cheap sounds so…well, you know, cheap.

    • Haha, I think both of those would be great! Send me pictures of whatever you do, I’d love to see what you come up with! And no worries about being cheap. I mean, thrifty. I’m a big fan of that too. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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