10 Ways to Use Mason Jars (And Be Crafty While You’re At It!)

If you’re like me, you probably have at least one renegade box of Mason or Ball jars in various sizes floating around your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, storage room, basement or bedroom.  Or maybe that’s just me, but either way, after moving into my new apartment [YAY!] I found that I had more of these jars than I knew what to do with.

3 hours, 5 Pintrest boards and 56 open tabs later, I have a HUGE list of things I’m now bursting to try!  If I haven’t said it already, I. HEART. GOOGLE.

Without further ado, the first installment to my list of new uses to which my Mason jar collection will be put:

*Disclaimer:  I haven’t actually tried most of these things yet, but the ones I’m including are simple enough for *even* me to feel brave enough to attempt.  Someday.  *

1.  Homemade yogurt as seen on Keeper of the Home

As one who used to be scared of making anything but waffles from scratch, this post did an amazing job of demystifying the process for me, and made yogurt-making seem completely approachable and even [gasp] achievable!

2.  Mason Jar Meals as seen on The Decorated Cookie

Need more be said?

3.  Salad in a Jar as seen on salad-in-a-jar.com [original name, right?]

Who needs salad from a bag any more? Lose weight and feel great eating one of these for lunch every day!

4.  Drinks on the Go! as seen on Parentables

My favorite touch: the chalkboard painted lid!  How perfect would that be for fridge storage too?? You could easily write the date you made the contents, or the date they should be tossed out, or the “owner’s” name, or a special message to the recipient of a special treat or meal… oh the possibilities! [giggles with excitement]

5.  Parfaits! as seen on Parentables

Or any dessert that wants prettying up, really…

6.  Pretty Lace Vase as seen on Michaela Noelle Designs

Oh the prettiness, if only I had enough places to put these!

7.  Turn Them Blue! as seen on Craftberry Bush

Way easier, albeit less permanent than it looks.  Still, a dream come true for blue glass lovers everywhere!

8.  Personalize with Etched Monogram as seen on DIY Wedding Planning

How cute and gorgeous are these?! I’m pretty sure I’m never buying glasses again.  I mean, who would when these are available and so easy to DIY?

9.  Manicure Gift Kit as

Admittedly the video isn’t the greatest, but the idea is still SUPER cute!

10.  Sand Candle Votives as seen at Pottery Barn

Super inexpensive, super chic.  Just the way I like it!

Now, I’m fully aware that I’m arriving to this party kinda late, and that this is barely touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the myriad of uses for these amazing containers, but still, this is such an exciting discovering for me!  What are your favorite ways to use Mason jars? Are there differences between the major brands of canning jars?  Let’s have fun with this!

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4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Use Mason Jars (And Be Crafty While You’re At It!)

  1. Hm. I make yogurt completely in a crockpot. It’s way easier than your link! Takes less dishes and you don’t have to find room in your fridge.

      • This link looks pretty close. http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/04/crockpot-greek-yogurt.html

        My time is different but it only takes a few times before you know how long it will take with your particular crock pot. Also, I use a whole gallon of milk and 1/2 cup of starter yogurt. I also don’t add any sweetener because I prefer having the plain yogurt to use in many different ways. I can always sweeten it later. I always turn mine into greek yogurt purely out of preference. I wrap my crockpot in a towel or two but never put it in my oven. Okay, maybe I should have just told you how I do it because I also don’t chill my yogurt before straining it. In the morning, I just put it in my cheesecloth-like cloth.

        And if you really want to be economical, there are ways to use the whey. It can replace buttermilk in baking, for example. My yogurt right now will be half a gallon of greek yogurt for $2. Beat that, grocery stores!

  2. Wow, Suki! I think we may need to start doing a yogurt recipe swap. [grits teeth] Alrighty, I believe my first yogurt-making experience will commence… tomorrow. I just realized I don’t have anything to start with… 😛

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