Morning Stuff Chart & Free Printable!


Remember way back in the day when I wrote this article about our morning and night stuff?  Or this article on the same subject but before I knew about using/making my own pictures?

Well, it’s finally happened.  We moved, and apparently we left the routine at our old house. I’m sure you all are amazing, organized, self-disciplined mothers to whom this *never* happens.

HA.  Anyway.

Add that to the interesting note that the most popular posts on this blog is actually one of my least favorite but it gets the most hits off of Google, and you have a recipe for… [drumroll]

…another free printable! [insert earthshattering applause here]

Both my kids seem to respond *very* favorably to stickers, so each row represents a day, and for each item they complete in the “ditty” they get a smiley face sticker.  Plus, if they complete everything, they get an EXTRA sticker!  [I know, I really go all out for them.  No expense spared.]

I went out on a limb against my better judgement crazy the expected route and just taped them on the wall near their bathroom, so they’re within easy reach of small hands [for better or for worse] so they can apply their own stickers, which also seems to be a strong motivator for them.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting my actual camera back.  Not that I don’t love the camera on my phone, but… the pictures it takes are slightly less awesome than those taken by my actual camera.  Either way, there they are.

To download the PDF, click here.



2 thoughts on “Morning Stuff Chart & Free Printable!

  1. Another way in which we are alike. For as long as I can remember there has been Morning Stuff and Nighttime Stuff. Dress, prayer, teeth, hair, bed, pick up ten…. Always that order. It sounds odd any other way or with anything missing or added.

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