Grand Opening: Coupon Code & Free Download!

After many hours of nail-chewing, researching and clicking, it’s finally here:


I’m pleased with it so far!  I’m adding new things to it every day, so it should be a respectable size before very long.  [Suggestions for new/custom items always welcome!]

To celebrate, I’m offering two things to you, my lovely readers:

1) an exclusive FREE printable only available here, and… [drumroll]

2) a coupon code, 20% off, good on any purchase made in my Etsy shop!

Personally I’m more excited about the printable, cuz it’s priiiiiiitty. See?

I’m already using it to keep track of post ideas, threads, titles and other musings.  Sure beats the backs of envelopes and sticky notes system I had before!

Because it’s to mark the “grand opening” of my shop, I decided to make the code very original and creative:


Yes, I know you’re massively impressed.  It’s okay, the feeling will subside in a moment. 😉

The code will be good until Sept 15, 2012, so don’t dawdle!  Run over and grab your favorite one!  While you’re at it, add me to your favorites, or your circle, so we can keep in touch over there!

I confess, I’m totally falling in love with Etsy, who know there was so much great stuff on there, am i right??  What’s your favorite store/item you’ve found there so far?  Leave a link to your shop so I can favorite you!

6 thoughts on “Grand Opening: Coupon Code & Free Download!

    • Welcome, Sharee! I’ve peeked around at your shop and your website, and I’m really loving on that Large Tote Perfect for Fall – it’s absolutely divine! And the pendant you posted on Aug 29… ❤ ❤ ! I'll have to try out some of your recipes, do you have a favorite that I should try first?

      • Right now the stuffed tomatoes are at the top of my list due to the fall tomato harvest! You’ll have to check out my shop after this weekend; I’ve turned off most items for sale because I’m at a big festival selling my wares in my tent!

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