New Discovery: Olioboard!

I’ve been in love with making moodboards for a while, but the way I used to do them, they’d take  I’ve learned a few tricks since starting out that have helped to speed up the process, but it was still painstaking.  But now…

Baaaa-da-da-da!! Enter Oiloboard!

Your friendly neighborhood moodboard maker!  Okay really their purpose is to help you redesign rooms in your house, but this totally works for my purposes too.

It also has had the unexpected side effect of making me fall deeply in love with Crate&Barrel.

Like, I might love them now as much as I love IKEA.  Which is a lot of love.  But anyway, today I decided to break this puppy in by using it to make a Crate&Barrel “Fall Table Set-Up” board.  And if I may say so, it turned out very nicely [and very quickly]!

The best part about making an Olioboard?  It automatically makes a list of all the items you used in the the final draft of the board!  Love it!  Click the picture, and it will take you to the page on my Olioboard profile with the complete list!

Will I stick with Olioboard for all my future moodboard-making needs?  I dunno.  It was delightfully fast, and made putting the whole thing together much simpler, but I’m not convinced that I like the look better, or even as well as, what I was doing before.  What do you think?

Either way, hop on there and give it a try yourselves, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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