Kid Craft: Construction Paper Bird Nest

Our letter of the week this week was the letter “N”, and on Tuesday, we did a coloring page about nests.

As I was planning the day’s activities, I thought that I’d give doing a craft another go, and since my boy’s been really into scissors lately, making a nest seemed like the perfect idea.  One Google search later, and I turned up this beauty from WeKnowStuff!

Easy, fast, and I already had all the materials – perfect!

Stuff You Need

*several sheets colored construction paper [we did two bowls and 5 sheets was plenty]
*scissors, or a paper shredder
*glue [the squeezable kind, I used store brand Elmer’s]
*1/4 c water
*Mod Podge [I used Gloss, cuz it’s what I had]
*foam brushes
*newspaper or wax paper
*plastic wrap
*a small bowl for each person
*large mixing bowl


Step 1 – Cut your paper into strips.  [If you have a paper shredder, this is the perfect time to use it.  If not, never fear – it only took me about a minute per page.]

Step 2 – Divert Enlist small helpers.

Step 3 – Ready your workspace with wax paper.  [In a pinch, newspaper will work just fine too.]  Cover each person’s small bowl with plastic wrap.

Step 4 – In the large mixing bowl, combine equal parts glue and water.

Fortunately, it’s not an exact science.  If you end up with lots more water than glue [as I did] it still turns out fine, it just takes longer to dry.

Step 5 – Toss the paper strips in the glue mix.  At first I tried stirring with a spoon, to keep my hands clean so I could continue to document the event, but… they didn’t get coated very well.  So on a lark I tossed them around with my hand, and that worked much better.  It also meant that I didn’t get very many pictures of the rest of the project, but… oh well 😛

Step 6 – Go to town on the plastic-covered bowls.  [Frustratingly, both my kids are quite fastidious and wanted to wash their hands after each strip, so I ended up doing this part pretty much by myself.  Oh well, still turned out pretty cool huh?]

Step 7 – Set it to the side for 12-24 hours to dry.  When it’s completely dry, pop the bowl out and carefully peel away the plastic wrap.  Ours were looking a little flimsy, so I gave the outside a hefty dose of Mod Podge in the interest of getting more play time out of them.

And voila!

Not too bad for a non-crafter, eh?  And it’s way sturdier than it looks.  It’s actually survived several straight days of play so far, so I’ve totally gotten my time [and my money]’s worth out of it!

Do you have a favorite kid craft that you do with your kids, or that you did when you were a kid and are just dying for an excuse to try again?  I need ideas!

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