Operation Windowsill Teacup Garden: Planning

You may not have figured this out, largely because I do everything I can to avoid nature in almost all its forms, but…

I REALLY like to garden.

^^What gardening looks like in my mind.  In real life… not so much. 😛

Sure, I’m not very good at it yet, but I really enjoy it.  I had a respectable square foot garden at our last house, but our new home is a 3rd floor apartment.  With no balcony.  And rules prohibiting window boxes of any kind.  So, this is the space I have to work with:

windowsill-garden-available-spaceNote: Please try not to judge the current occupants.  Apparently they really do not like it if you leave for a month without getting them a babysitter.

Needless to say, when I decided I wanted to garden again [last week], I was a little discouraged.  The sill itself is barely 3″ deep, and my budget and newly-discovered design sense [not to mention an impending new baby] rules out anything in the elaborate indoor trellis/shelving department.  With all these limitations, I was quickly feeling that my indoor garden endeavor was over before it had even started.  But, not being overly burdened with a sense of when to give up, I kept at it.

Come to find out, windowsills lend themselves to a variety of herbs and EVEN some small lettuces and veggies!  Hoozah!  A proper veggie garden it may not be, but it WILL be a series of living, air-purifying, money-saving, ego-boosting, nutrition-providing plants.

This blog post by Blake Royer really inspired me – check out all the green he’s growing!  And he’s in a proper city apartment in Chicago.  My windowsill garden hero.

So, after much researching and crossing-off of items on a list [one of my favorite pastimes!], these are the current contenders:

  • basil
  • chives
  • garlic chives
  • tarragon
  • oregano
  • sage
  • green onions
  • dill
  • cilantro
  • flat-leaf parsley
  • mint
  • scented geranium
  • chervil
  • baby kale
  • baby spinach
  • peppers
  • strawberries
  • romaine
  • microgreens

Do I have room for all of these? No.  BUT it was really nice to discover that I have so many options!  Some are even non-herb options!  Double hoozah!

Have any of you ever grown anything in teacups or on a windowsill before? What worked well for you? What, uh, didn’t?  Dying to hear stories – the more amusing, the better!


4 thoughts on “Operation Windowsill Teacup Garden: Planning

  1. My last year in BV, I got the desire to grow things since my womb wasn’t producing fruit. I was able to have a window garden and by holy heck, I had a basil forest by the end. We also managed chives (takes two years to be really productive) and sage. I still have a few viable sage plants that I grew back then. They are taking over my mom’s garden now.

    • Nice! How much of the vegetation did you end up using in your cooking? I’m really excited to start using chives more. I don’t use herbs that often right now just cuz… you have to buy them fresh and that’s more expensive than dry. 😛

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