Bathroom Cleaning Schedule & Free Printable!

For those who have missed out on this memo, I’m about halfway though making child #3. Along with this new impending bundle has come a bundle of health drama fun!  Which has meant that most of the child care and house-keeping duties are falling to my dear husband.  Who, it turns out, has a [aherm] very different approach to keeping house.

Being more or less bed-bound has not been super-duper fun, so over the last week, in an endeavor to do something creative and [hopefully] helpful, I devised a clever plan for helping him in keeping my bathrooms just the way I like them, AND… that project resulted in a new printable for the shop!


Clean the bathroom in a weekSee? See?  I’m pleased with it.  Not least because I’m reasonably sure that it will keep my bathrooms clean with even less effort than I was exerting before.

I’ve also posted this in my Etsy shop, but those of you who are awesome enough to read the blog can have it for the low, low price of FREE.  Cuz you’re awesome. XD

It may be printed as either an 8×10 photo, or full letter-size page print.  All I need now is a frame to pop this puppy into and up it goes!  I’ll let you know whether it does indeed help with keeping the bathrooms cleaner… [crosses fingers]

What do you guys do that helps keep the house clean without making you feel like you’re spending your life cleaning?


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