Free Printable Friday: Princess Potty Progress Sticker Chart!

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So, two things happened this week:

  1. We unexpectedly ran out of diapers for my daughter.
  2. We decided that now is as good a time as any to commence potty training operations.

Yes, it may not have been the best-conceived plan ever.  [And full disclosure, I’ve been working toward getting her out of diapers for a while anyway, so the potty-training thing wasn’t really THAT spontaneous…] Anyway, we quickly learned that this little girl tinkles like a little puppy dog… a little here, a little there, a little on the pillow when you’re not looking…

Enter the need for a sticker chart/candy reward system.

Lucky for you guys, that means… another free printable!  It’s a GIRL theme this time.  My girl is really into princesses and sparkles and the like, so this one’s heavy on the princess stuff:

Princess-Potty-ProgressAdmittedly I made the mistake of introducing the candy before the stickers so it hasn’t really made the smashing impression I was hoping for… but she’s still really into it!

And of course, this printable wouldn’t be what it is without the beautiful artwork by Terri from CocoaMint – aren’t those graphics adorable??

Major LOVE, right!?  Even if you’re not a big maker-of-digital-things, the cute factor alone is totally worth the click over to her website.

Here’s to hoping the potty-training goes off without a hitch!  [Or at least a minimal number of accidents… my friend’s suggestion of covering the whole house in newspapers is starting to sound REALLY good right about now!]

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