Regrowing Romaine – Really?

A few weeks ago, I saw a blog post about someone regrowing a head of romaine that they’d bought from the grocery store.  Initially I had a half scoff, half “whoa really?” moment, and promptly forgot about it.

Skip ahead to last week and me finding myself with a romaine stump and a convenient bowl with a half-inch of water in the bottom.  Usually I’m slow on the draw, but I totally caught this one.  I set it on the sill [we have one window and luckily it gets a lot of sun] and the next morning, this is what I found:

regrow-romaine-headHoly guacamole, it’s working!  I now have TWO varieties of plants growing on my windowsill.  Though admittedly, the teacup basil seems to be finally biting the dust.  Luckily it’s almost spring so new plants should be available soon anyway, and Basil Cups Round 2 can commence.

I’m definitely going to track this and post the results.  Has anybody else ever regrown any grocery purchases?  I’m curious about the possibilities here!

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