Pinterest Mythbusting: Wax Paper Faucet Polish

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see something like this on Pinterest:


… I can’t help but roll my eyes a little and go, “Really? That can’t possibly work. [eyeball] Really?

Buuuut there’s always that one little part of my brain that wonders, “Well, what if it does work?” And it just won’t shut up.

So, one day, I said to myself, “Self, we should test this particular one out, and see if this is for realsies. Then maybe that part of our brain will finally be satisfied and shut its yappy grey matter trap.”

Now, I’m not generally plagued by splotchy faucets [largely because I’m anal retentive about wiping them down every few days], but I figured that if a quick rub with wax paper would make the grime-ophobe in me relax a bit, it was worth a shot.

A couple pieces of wax paper later and instead of the promised sparkly, water-spot-resistant chrome, I had smudged-and-slightly-less-splotchy chrome. How do you spell “underwhelmed” again?

Next step: wipe it down with a soft cloth and Windex, have another go with the wax paper, and leave it for a week. This is what I came back to:


Yawp, that’s a splotchy, water-spotty faucet. Am I disappointed? Yes. Pinterest FAIL. Am I surprised? Not really. But it now I’m satisfied that I gave it a shot, and now I know. And now you do too! For my money, I’m sticking with the soft cloth and elbow grease.


Next time, I think I’ll dig into the Magic-Eraser-in-the-toilet one… stay tuned!

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