New Discovery: Get Ready for Pre-K [and Kindergarten] Workbooks

Since getting sick last year while pregnant with my latest little sweetie, I’ve had to get creative with how I go about homeschooling my other wee ones. I haven’t had the energy or brain-power to make things up for them to do from scratch, and even photocopying, readying and carrying most ready-to-go curricula has proved extremely difficult for me.

So imagine my happiness when I happened upon several copies of this little beauty at BJs:

It might as well have leapt up at me from the shelf and shouted, “Looking for the easy/fast/lazy person route to continuing to homeschool? Look no further, friend!”

Admittedly it’s not a full curriculum in itself. But the darn thing is ready to go, it covers everything I wanted to cover to begin with [colors, numbers, letters, following directions, etc] and it’s hardbound and adorable… how could I resist?

When I showed my kids that there was one for each of them, they were way more excited than I was expecting. Who knew all it would take to inject some educational enthusiasm into our routine, would be a brightly colored, hard covered workbook of their very own? I tell you, not me.

It’s also great because there is exactly no prep required on my part. When I’m feeling up to it, [or when I decide it’s time and there’s another big person around to do my bidding] we just grab these guys off the shelf, sit down, do a page or two until they’re bored, and call it good. And for us, getting *anything* done is good enough, in my book.

You homeschoolers out there – what books, projects or kits do you use and love that keep your school simple and easy? Do share!

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