Cleaning With Food Stamps – Mirror/Window Cleaner-&-Fabric Softener-In-One… WHAAAT!?

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Last week: Homemade Scented Purex Softening Laundry Crystals

Yes, you read that right.

A fabric softener that also cleans your windows and mirrors to a sparkly shine!


This is also the first house hack that makes use of our super duper secret ingredient. Ready for this? Here it is:

Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing!

[waits a minute for the shock to wear off]

The recipe for the cleaning solution:

To use:

  • Add 1/2-1 c mixture to laundry load in fabric softener drawer, or to rinse cycle, instead of fabric softener liquid or sheets
  • spray on window or mirror instead of Windex or similar, wipe with microfiber cloth or newspaper to sparkly, streak-free shine
  • For added fabric fluffy-ness, don’t forget to toss some tennis balls or felted dryer balls into the dryer with each load!

What vinegar does to laundry

Adding 1/2-1 c vinegar to each load of laundry instead of your traditional fabric softener will:

  • brighten and deodorize fabrics
  • eliminate static
  • remove residues left by other detergents and softeners
  • make towels extra fluffy and absorbent
  • soften clothes, especially in tandem with Homemade Purex Softening Crystals

Not to mention, it’s WAY cheaper than using multiple other products to achieve the same results. And it’s covered by food stamps. 🙂

Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing is not covered, but it is inexpensive and more readily available than you think. Most stores that sell laundry supplies and cleaners will carry it, like Walmart, Target, even some dollar stores and CVS. Or, you can be awesome and just get it here and support this blog while having it shipped right to your door like the 21st-century, tech-savvy person you really are! *wink wink*

How bluing works

From the Mrs. Stewart’s website:

Because blue-white is the most intense white, most artists, when painting a snow scene, will use blue color to intensify the whiteness. As color experts would explain it, the proof comes when two pieces of fabric are placed under a spectrograph – the one with blue added will reflect more light, making the fabric appear its whitest.

In their original state, white fabrics are far from white. Unbleached cotton fabrics, known to the trade as “greige (grey) goods”, are grey or yellow tinged. Raw wool is, too – even from the whitest fleece….To make white goods acceptable to their customers, manufacturers of sheets, towels, linens, etc., put their fabrics through a process of bluing. So also do the makers of shirts and other white apparel.

Sometimes a mild bleach is used to help remove the stains. If all this is thoroughly done, the fabric is clean, but it is not “snow-white”. To counteract the rest of the yellow, blue must be added. A little diluted bluing in the washing process or in the last rinse water adds the necessary tint that makes the fabric really snow-white. Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing allows the consumer to re-blue their items at home.

Basically, bluing is made of a very fine blue iron powder suspended in water ( a “colloidal suspension”).

Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing is nontoxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing is a simple, concentrated blue liquid that optically whitens white fabric. It does not remove stains, does not “clean”, but adds a microscopic blue particle to white fabric which [gives] fabric that “just bought” whiteness.

To sum up:

Because of the effect of the blue/bluing particles reflecting additional light, adding a little to your window/mirror cleaner will make those glass surfaces sparkle as well. [Presumably this is why Windex, and so many fabric softeners, are blue.]

Of course that sparkly, blue-y goodness are purely cosmetic. So since they’re not essential for cleanliness, you can totally leave out the bluing if your budget is just too tight. [Which I totally understand, I’ve been there. Recently. So no judgement here.]

For those of you who are still reading, consider this line a hint that this recipe will appear again in a coming week! Can you guess which one?

Still to come:

  • Laundry Detergent, Liquid & Powdered – Brightens & Whitens WITHOUT Borax!
  • Mirror/Window Cleaner-&-Fabric Softener-In-One… WHAAAT!?
  • Powdered Better-Than-OxiClean Stain Fighting Laundry Booster [No Liquid Peroxide]
  • Homemade Washing Soda
  • Homemade Scented Purex Laundry Crystals
  • Dishwasher Detergent & Homemade Finish® Rinse [No Castile Soap]
  • Homemade LemiShine Dishwashing Booster
  • Hand Washing Dish Soap That Actually Works – No Residue!
  • Hand Soap [NON-Antibacterial]
  • Sanitizing Floor Cleaner, Reusable Mop Pads & A Swiffer Wet-Jet Hack
  • Cleaning “Stink-B-Gone” Toilet Fizzies
  • Homemade Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Lemon Dusting Spray & Reusable Cloths
  • Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner [No Castile Soap, ACV or Baking Soda Here!]
  • Bonus week: How I Went Paper-Less & Saved Over $70 Per Month!

Next time: Powdered Better-Than-OxiClean Stain Fighting Laundry Booster [No Liquid Peroxide]

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