Cleaning With Food Stamps – Homemade Scented Purex Softening Laundry Crystals

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Last week: Homemade Washing Soda

This week’s homemade trick is inspired by a post by the good lady Karrie over at The recipe, if you can call it that, feels almost unfair in its simplicity – just two ingredients, one of which you can probably get away without:

[For those of you who can’t wait, the ratio is 15-20 drops per 1 c salts. You may use less if you find the scent too strong – I, however, like nice pungent socks! Wait, that didn’t come out right… anyway, use 2 Tbsp per load. 4 c salts will make 32 loads’ worth of crystals.]

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Confession Time: When I Told You Why My Son Isn’t In School Yet, I Lied.

Snark alert: This post is considerably more, eh, acidic than my typical personal post – ye of the weak stomach and/or wobbly temper, leave now or forever hold your peace.

Truth: I didn’t lie to ALL of you. Some of you already know my guilty [or not-so-guilty] secret. Especially if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time.


Brief backstory: my boy is five right now. His birthday is in June. All his friends [at least the ones that are also five] are in kindergarten. Lots of their moms have asked me why he’s not also in kindergarten – instead of telling the truth and dealing with the inevitable awkward conversation that follows, I usually tell them, “Oh he’s a June birthday, so we kept him home an extra year so he won’t be a full year younger than all other kids in his grade. Better to be older than younger, right?”

Admittedly, this is only half a lie. Because it’s half of the truth. I AM keeping him home, and he WOULD be a year older by the time I start him in public school, but the whole truth is…

He’s NEVER going to public school.

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Party Harty: Episode 6 – I’m Not Sleepy

006--I'm-not-Sleepy-PS: What’s the verdict on the color? Let me know in the comments!

Dale HartyDale Harty, my lovely husband, is the artist behind the family comics.  When he’s not chasing our kids around with light sabers or the “Towel of Evil,” he’s studying as a video game developer or honing his skills as a concept artist.  Shameless plug: check out his latest work at He’s our hero!