Happy 100th Post! And a Freebie! [This is a good one, don’t miss out]


Out of curiosity – are you, dear reader, among those who did not think this blog would live to see 100 posts? I know at least part of me was. It’s pretty crazy to think that it’s lived this long… so, happy 100 posts, everybody!

100posts[throws confetti]


Now that that’s out of the way, since it’s customary to do something special as part of the celebratings, I’m going to release the first chapter of my book [remember this ole’ thing from way back then?] to anybody who would like it, just cuz I’m feeling generous today. And I really need more eyeballs on this thing.

The whole shtick of the book, and of this blog, is how to make people’s lives [starting with mine] simpler, less stressful and more wholesome. For me, breakfast is always a source of stress and difficulty, from what to make, right down to remembering to make it. This probably stems from being decidedly not a morning person. My hope is that there will be several of you who read this chapter, and decide that it was either so helpful – or so problematic – that you just have to leave a comment or send me an email letting me know exactly how it affected you.

Anyway, here it is 🙂

Seriously, let me know what you think of the first chapter in the comments, the good, the… parts I could improve. Eherm. I’m sure there will be plenty for everybody to have a turn pointing “fix-it” spots out 🙂

Happy 100 posts! [raises imaginary glass] And to 100 more!

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Wanted: Job For Blender. Will Work For Keep.

Remember way back in the day when I used to post my weekly menu, and every week or two you’d see this recipe for Cafe Rio Sweet Pork?  Well, it’s currently the only thing standing between permanent retirement and this poor little guy:

Admittedly, since I started this post [*ahem* six months ago], I’ve managed to acquire ANOTHER one of these babies.  [Full disclosure: I was helping a friend move/clean out her house, and the one she was leaving behind was just too nice to let it go into the dump.  Really I was doing the world, and the blender, a huge favor by adopting it.]

I use both of them about as much as I did before, or slightly more since my husband has started whipping up smoothies with the yogurt I’ve been making, but seriously, I could really use some more recipes to make these puppies earn their shelf space!

Okay blog world, give me your best shot:

Any and all suggestions welcome.  At this point, I’ll try pretty much anything. 😛