15 “New” Uses For Washi Tape

I’m one of those REALLY late arrivals to the “cute-ification” and Washi tape parties, but…


It’s called Washi tape.  I think it has something to do with Japan.  And crafting.  Doesn’t really matter… what DOES matter is that I’ve discovered it and been bitten by the Bug of Possibilities!  Like these:

[Note: There’s a “Pin It” button at the bottom of the post… all of these images are completely pinnable!  So pin away! *nudge nudge*]

1.  Spiff-ification of simple vases [and boxes and bowls and… everything]

2.  DIY Gift Tags / Business Cards

3.  Color Coded Calendar Creativity

4.  DIY Greeting Cards

5.  Cute-ification of Office Supplies

6.  Themed Party Decorations

7.  Snazz-ify [or color code] clothespins

8.  Beautify notebook covers

9.  Easy [and REMOVABLE] Wall Art

10.  Mini bunting … if you’re into that sort of thing 😛

11.  Gussy- up gift wrapping

12.  Pencil/Pen Holders [for those who don’t buy scrapbook paper… like me 😛 ]

13.  Decorate Desserts

14.  Other stuff like this:

15. Disposable food holders on the cheap:

Just… PLEASE don’t do this:

I’m pretty sure to get my feet wet [and not end up with the stuff coming out of my ears before I’m ready for it] I’m going to get myself one of these starter sets from Sticker Stop:

The listing is for 8 different yards from her collection for about $1 per yard.  Sounds like just the ticket for a newbie like me!

Am I the last one to this party or is somebody else as excited and inspired as I am!?  Who of you has hopped on [or off] this wagon?  Tell me what the ride is like!